Being a member has changed my life

Candace Gryga, Bronson Wellness Center Member

When I completed physical therapy at Bronson Rehabilitation Services a couple years ago, my therapist strongly advised me to continue exercising, and encouraged me to join Bronson Wellness Center. With the help of Sarah, the membership advocate at the club, as well as the generosity of the health foundation, I received a club membership scholarship. Bryan is another outstanding young man at the club. Though he’s a busy director, he always takes time to stop and speak to all members. I can honestly say that being a Bronson Wellness Center member has changed my life.

When I first became a member, my goals were to lose weight and gain flexibility. In addition to working out on my own and with Dawn, a personal trainer, I started going to Zumba. Kris Bus is a great Zumba instructor and makes each workout fun for all of us.

I also like going to the nutrition education and cooking classes with Chris. These classes are wonderful and very educational. Chris and the entire nutrition team are absolutely amazing.

In addition to the caring and knowledgeable staff, I have made wonderful, kind, compassionate friends at the club. The people I’ve met have been, and continue to be, very supportive throughout my battle with different health issues. Since joining I have been diagnosed with A Fib and an autoimmune disorder. Plus, I fell and broke my arm and ribs at one point. There have been many mornings when I felt depressed and didn’t want to go to the gym, but once I arrived, I was greeted with smiles and encouragement. These acts of kindness never fail to brighten my spirits.