Before the surgery, I could barely walk 3 blocks

Mike Kiefer, Patient

I had a full knee replacement 2 years ago by Dr. Mark Nikkel and his staff. Before the surgery, I could barely walk 3 blocks. After the rehab and about a year of working out I and a partner half my age (73) literally walked across the state of Michigan on the Michigan Shore to Shore Riding and Hiking Trail. We hiked this 250-mile back-country trail on all kinds of terrain completing it in 27 days over 22 different weekends. My new knee was the least of my problems unlike sore shoulders from the backpack. This adventure has been on my to-do list for 4 decades and is a great feeling of satisfaction to have accomplished it. The shore-to-shore trail goes from Empire on Lake Michigan to Oscoda on Lake Huron through some of the most beautiful counties in northern Michigan.

I consider the knee replacement a total success and am so grateful to Dr. Nikkel, his staff, Bronson, and especially Linda Anderson the rehab specialist who got me back on my feet at the wellness center. Thank you to all!

I have gotten hooked on hiking and am now walking the North Country Trail from Ohio to Mackinaw in my spare time.

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