Alexis Walters goes above and beyond for our athletes and coaches

James Phillips, Community Member

Three Rivers High School started working with Bronson’s Athletic Training Program in 2016. We have been blessed with 3 outstanding Athletic Trainers to work with and support our athletics program.

Currently Alexis Walters is with us and goes above and beyond for our athletes and coaches. She is always prepared, organized and quick to support with whatever is needed at any time of the day. Alexis is engaged during practices and is always building strong connections with our athletes to support them.

Alexis has been called upon three times over the past 2 seasons for broken bones during football games. All 3 times she was able to quickly communicate what was needed from the coaches so we could support her in supporting the injured athlete. It takes a team to be successful and Alexis is a great addition to our athletic program.

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