At first, it was about losing weight and looking better, but now it’s about so much more

Katie Lich-MacCallum, Bronson Athletic Club Member

In the fall of 2017, I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I joined a local gym and lost quite a bit of weight eating healthy and doing mostly cardio-based workouts. Then in August, my husband and I decided to join Bronson Athletic Club (BAC). The BAC was more cost-effective than our previous gym and had so many more amenities, including onsite childcare.

I began personal training with Jeremy Mutchler and he introduced me to heavy weightlifting. Working with him has made all of the difference! Jeremy is great at pushing you to push yourself. He encouraged me to sign up for my very first powerlifting meet this summer. Without his help, I would have never had the confidence to even consider doing this type of thing.

I feel really lucky to have discovered a hobby like this as an adult. Putting more and more weight on the bar is super motivating. At first, it was about losing weight and looking better, but now it’s about so much more. I want to keep getting stronger and see what I’m capable of!

Joining the BAC has also had a positive impact on our family. Every Sunday, we go to the BAC together. My husband and I can work out and know our daughters are being well cared for at the Youth Activity Center. Our girls love the childcare and the staff. One of our daughters has special needs and the staff has been amazing at giving her the individualized attention she needs.

After our workout, the girls get to go swimming. It has become our Sunday ritual.

I’m thankful to the BAC for helping me reach and exceed my health and fitness goals. If I can do pull ups for the first time in my life at age 34, anyone can!