At Bronson, we know that when we’re taking care of our employees, we’re taking care of the community, too

Rob Oakleaf, Employee

I joined Team Bronson in 2017 as a healthy living coordinator. It has been exciting to take on this role, as I and my counterpart, Paige, are the first two people in the position. The main goal of the healthy living coordinator position is to help employees engage in their own health, and also help them learn about all the resources they have available to live healthier lives from physical, emotional, financial and social perspectives. Since coming on board, we have helped coordinate activities like the winter farmers market at Bronson Methodist Hospital and a healthy living summit with the KVCC Healthy Living Campus. Plus, our most recent project has been creating an intranet page where employees can easily find information about all of the resources available to help them live a healthy, balanced life. If you’re a Bronson employee, you should check out the site here!

It makes me proud to work for an organization that is so invested in their employees’ well being.