At Bronson, we are proud of our Veterans!

Mikka Dryer, Employee

Since 2015, Bronson has celebrated Veterans Day by recognizing our employees who have served in the armed forces to thank them for their service to our country. Bronson Veterans are presented with a challenge coin. Members of the armed forces have a long history of carrying challenge coins to symbolize the camaraderie of being part of a select group. It has been said that only those who have served and received a coin for an accomplishment can truly appreciate its meaning. The theme of this year’s coin is the 240th Commemoration of the Inception of the Purple Heart Award.

About the 2022 Challenge Coin

Retired Sgt. Efrain H. Robles designs the coin given to Bronson employees each year. “The Purple Heart Award is unlike any other award a service member can earn. Its price is too steep to contemplate at the onset of a mission, and, often, claims more than anyone wishes to lose,” said Sgt. Robles. “In sum, this award possesses a dichotomous nature. The public glory it imbues upon a service member is eclipsed by the inner, dark repercussions of heroism.”

Image of the 2022 Veteran's Day Coin.

The banner above the medal signifies the 240th Commemoration of the inception of the medal. The field of purple that encompasses the face of the coin represents the sacrifice upon which the significance of the medal is founded. The six gold stars on the face of the coin represent the heralding of a notable event. The phrase, “For Military Merit,” is inscribed on the reverse of the medal, the phrase also sets the tone for the solemn reverence this award elicits. The phrase, “POW-MIA,” appears on the lower right, the outer edge of the coin in remembrance of those servicemen who are still missing. The phrase, “Veterans Day 2022,” appears on the lower left, outer edge of the coin commemorating this year’s Veterans Day.

To our veterans and active duty military personnel, we thank you for your service!