As soon as I was on my feet after surgery, the difference was pretty dramatic.

Jamie Kavanaugh, Patient

Jamie Kavanaugh, owner of two local businesses, had hip pain for nearly two years before seeing a doctor. He limped when he walked, even when using a cane. First he thought he needed to exercise more. Then, he went to see a chiropractor. When that didn’t work, he tried cortisone injections before it was decided he needed a hip replacement.

Jamie thoroughly researched hip replacement procedures and concluded he wanted to have the anterior approach. Fortunately, this procedure was being done locally at Bronson Methodist Hospital by Dr. David Christ of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedics & Joint Specialists. During his first appointment with Dr. Christ, Jamie learned he was a candidate for the anterior approach hip replacement surgery. He also was very comfortable with Dr. Christ’s approach to care. “I really liked him. We communicated well and that was key for me. He also provided me with even more education about the procedure.”

Jamie closely followed directions given to him by Dr. Christ and his team as he prepared for surgery and as he recovered. He valued the joint replacement patient information guidebook provided in his pre-surgery education class. He did all of his stretches and exercises, and walked as instructed. Thanks to Bronson’s comprehensive program and Jamie’s dedication, he was walking without the assistance of a cane or walker in less than a week after surgery and back to taking care of his businesses soon after.

According to Jamie, “I could barely work in the month before my surgery. It was even a challenge to walk my dog, Molly, because she would pull on the leash. The worst part was the grinding and hearing the ‘pop, crunch, crunch’ in my hip. As soon as I was on my feet after surgery, the difference was pretty dramatic.”

Jamie is back to doing the things he loves including running his businesses and taking his dog for walks. He was so thrilled with his own results, he is actively encouraging others with hip pain to consider the procedure. He jokes, “I should get a commission for all the referrals I make.”


Two years after anterior hip replacement surgery, Jamie continues to be active by biking and managing his two local businesses. Before surgery, there would be days he couldn’t work due to his severe hip pain. Now, two years later, he remains pain-free and continues to enjoy life.


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