As a family we are very thankful for the caring staff

Barb Gulbranson, Patient

Fifty years ago when we moved to Kalamazoo I soon became pregnant. I delivered my son at Bronson. And 19 months later, I delivered a set of twins at Bronson (naturally). One of those twins is a emergency department nurse at Bronson Battle Creek, her name is Beth Doerr. Thankfully I’ve not had to have her attend to me in the E.D. but I know people who have and they tell me she is a very compassionate and caring nurse. Her maternal grandmother nursed for 50 years in Saginaw and Beth was inspired by her. Her dad and I are very proud of her choice of careers and I’m really proud how she has worked so hard to help her patients get well – especially now with Covid. She works her normal days as well as over time when asked. She doesn’t complain about her hours. As a family we are very thankful for the caring staff of Dr’s, nurses and the rest at Bronson. I recently had a knee replacement and it was a very positive experience. I wish I would have thought to write down some nurses names – they were all wonderful! And of course the surgery was at Bronson – Dr. Roehr. In fact, the nurses told me how he had bought them pizza to celebrate reopening the ortho floor. Hopefully it will go back to normal soon. I’ve enclosed a couple of pictures of Beth. The one where she is in her graduation picture she is wearing her grandmother’s pin and cap from the Saginaw General School of nursing – the class of 1928.