As a family, we appreciate the great care Steve received

Diane Smith, Family Member

Ladd Reinhold, RN (Neuro Vascular Unit) cared for my brother Steve Smith (with Stage 4 kidney cancer) when he was hospitalized awaiting procedures to address an embolism & have shoulder surgery. Steve was very vocal about how much he appreciated the care Ladd gave him, the conversations they shared and very simply put the concern he showed to Steve and our family.
Thank you Ladd for the amazing care you provided and the dignity with which you treated Steve. On Thursday the 17th Steve was told by one of his cancer doctor’s that there was nothing more to be done for him. No surgeries, no further cancer treatment, simply a recommendation he go home to his family and Hospice services were arranged.

I’m sharing this with you because Steve said a few times to Ladd before he left at the end of his shift on Wednesday, December 18th that “I really appreciate you man”. Steve was very sincere and honest and he did value Ladd as well as the rest of the team who were his care providers for the 5 days he was hospitalized.

I took Steve home on Friday, December 20th and, sadly, he passed away on Thursday, December 26th. My mom and sister were with him and he had several good days with family before he left us. I am sharing this Bronson Positivity, it is well deserved and Steve was adamant that in some way we let you know how much he admired and appreciated Ladd. As a family, we appreciate the great care Steve received from Ladd and the amazing team at Bronson the Neuro Vascular Unit.