It’s a true treasure and gift that he brings each and every day

Anonymous, Employee

Photo of Andrew Bos as he accepts the Hazel Latondress Award.

Andrew (Andy) Bos is always brining new ideas and innovation to the table. He has a true passion for his work and it’s evident in everything he does. When asked about his professional goals, they don’t simply focus on himself, they focus on the greater body of nursing and his drive to continue to support the Bronson nursing team! This is evident in his partnership with the system Think Tank Committee. Other strengths of Andy include his critical thinking skills, teamwork, and patient interactions. He loves to educate both his patient and the new staff in TCU. The pride he has for nursing shines through his teaching and creates successful, confident new graduate nurses. He coaches others in the use of standard work in both charge and preceptor roles. Andy enjoys problem solving and is active in helping solve unit problems. As a bonus, he also is able to seek resolution to any personnel conflicts with a positive attitude. Not only is he a great nurse, he is willing to tackle added tasks that benefit the unit and our patients. He used his handyman skills to modify wire baskets that hold ventilator supplies. He also worked on ways to improve our unit budget through process improvement in charging for arctic sun pads and CRRT filters. Andy’s pride is seen in many parts of his nursing practices. It’s a true treasure and gift that he brings each and every day.

Andrew Bos is a nurse on the trauma care unit (TCU) at Bronson Methodist Hospital. He is the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Pride Award, and was recognized during the 2022 Nursing Excellence Celebration. 

Photo of Andrew Bos alongside two trauma doctors accepting his Hazel Latondress Award.


Photo of Andrew Bos alongside his family as he accepts the Hazel Latondress Award.