And because of Bronson, she is still here. I could not be more grateful.

Amy McCash, Family Member

On 1/4/16 my mother suffered what she thought may be a heart attack while clearing snow in her driveway. After an ambulance trip to Bronson and some tests, turns out she was correct. She was admitted that night. Four days later on 1/8/16 she had triple heart bypass preformed by Dr DeLucia who was exceptional. He and the nursing staff were amazing in the days leasing up to her surgery with information overload every step of the way. With perseverance to get well (my wedding was only 3 weeks away) and amazing assistance from all of her Bronson Team, she cam home from the hospital three days later on 1/11/16. And on 1/30/16, Bronson gave me the best wedding gift a girl could EVER ask for, my healthy mother in a gorgeous dress walking down the aisle in front of me. Over a year later, she is the healthiest she has ever been and could not be better. She is so thankful to Bronson everyday.

My mom, Patti Siminske, is my world. She is my hero, my support, my everything. And because of Bronson, she is still here. I could not be more grateful.

I believe that my mom would be an amazing inspiration for the community and that she would be an ideal candidate for your Bronson Positivity Ads (commercials, billboards, print, etc) Her cardiologist, Dr Pawlik has mentioned this to her before as well due to her rapid recovery.