An unexpected delivery became a very positive experience

Christine Osborne, Patient

Christine Osborne was expecting her second child in late September and was prepared for another lengthy delivery like she had with her first child—18 hours. When she started having minor contractions a week before her due date, she didn’t think much of it and kept going about her normal routine.

On September 19, around noon, Christine started having contractions that were 15 minutes apart. She called her mother-in-law and her OB/GYN doctor. The doctor’s office told her she could wait until her appointment at 2:15 p.m. that day, or she could go to the hospital now.

Within a few minutes, Christine and her mother-in-law realized that they shouldn’t wait! They got in the car and called 911 on the way to the Bronson Birthplace at Bronson Methodist Hospital. On their way, the contractions became shorter and shorter and more worrisome as they ended up in heavy traffic in a construction zone.

Eventually, they made it to the parking lot at Bronson, but at that point Christine’s water broke. Her mother-in-law ran inside the hospital to quickly get medical help when the baby started to be born. Before her mother-in-law even reached the doors, Christine realized the baby was not going to wait the precious seconds it would take to get into the hospital. She delivered the baby herself in her car less than an hour after the contractions started at her home!

Moments later, Dr. Roger Packard was able to get both Christine and her beautiful baby girl into the hospital. The Bronson Maternal-Fetal Medicine team was first on the scene and was calm and collected during this stressful time, which helped put Christine at ease and made her feel safe and in good hands.

With all of the exceptional help from the Bronson BirthPlace staff, both Christine and her daughter, Johanna, are happy and healthy. Christine says that she would like to thank Bronson and everyone involved who were able to help her and make her experience a positive one. The doctors and nurses at Bronson were able to take a scary situation and make it the very best experience possible and, for that, Christine, her husband, and the whole family are grateful.

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