An overnight stay…At only four days old

Jason Wade, Family Member

On May 27, 2016 our  Son was born at Bronson hospital. We were released from the hospital on May 30, 2016. The following day Tuesday, May 31 our family experienced a scare with our son at home. The scare led us to call 911 and our scare sent our son back to the Bronson emergency room.

During our time in the emergency room we received above and beyond service that we will never forget. The pediatric nurse Angela Pitts who was caring for our son went above and beyond by comforting us during this moment of the unknown. She made sure to answer all questions for us and communicated with all the providers to be sure we knew and understood why each procedure was being completed. Her previous experience in the NICU was definitely visible. We hope Angela can be acknowledged for her exceptional service.

The symptoms of our son led to an overnight stay   At only four days old.

We received more exceptional service from dr Sikkema once we were transferred to the pediatric unit. She called my wife to check on our son as she was  The physician who rounded after he was born  so she was familiar with him . We had a follow up appointment that day but had to cancel due to this episode. She not only extended a phone call, but came to the hospital after her office hours to see him in person. We can’t express how much this meant to us as she wasn’t the provider on call either. Her service was above and beyond in our eyes!

My wife is an employee of Bronson and the service we received definitely made us feel proud and comfortable for future services with Bronson.

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