An honor to work with the people who cared for me during my own cancer treatment

Chrystal Compton, Patient

Chrystal and part of her care team during her cancer treatment (2015)

Hi. My name is Chrystal and I work at the Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek. I am also a breast cancer survivor of five years, and was cared for by the team here at the Cancer Center.

I was diagnosed in October 2015 when I found a deformity in my left breast. A mammogram was performed, and a biopsy confirmed it was a cancerous tumor. At that time, I was referred to Bronson General Surgery where I had surgery with Dr. Kerri Murray. She was fantastic and would respond to me very quickly. She was caring and answered all my questions and concerns. She was comforting to my needs, as I was feeling very overwhelmed, scared and worried.

After surgery, I was then referred to the Bronson Cancer Center. From the clerks to the doctors, everyone was amazing. I did six months of chemotherapy with Dr. Mishra. She is fantastic in her education! I also did one year of radiation with Dr. Mudge and Sue Smith – both of who are also amazing and fantastic. All of the staff was outstanding and made me feel comfortable despite the fears I was facing. The staff made it fun coming to treatment. I am so happy I came here for my cancer care.

From the start of my diagnosis, I always had the support of my family. I did however join the One Day At A Time Support Group at the Cancer Center during the beginning of my treatment. This helped me get through a lot of tough days with a bunch of wonderful women. In my experience, it was wonderful to have this group as a support. Now, five years later, I just want to put this part of my life in the past and move forward.

When I was diagnosed with Cancer, I worked in another department at Bronson. After treatment, I decided that I wanted to join this team at the Cancer Center. I relate with the patients, and it is an honor to get to work with these patients. I understand the fears they are facing firsthand. I know the anxiety and the worries they have throughout their treatment.

My advice to anyone going through a new cancer diagnosis is to keep a clear mind, a positive attitude and fight the good fight. There is always hope!

Chrystal and some of her coworkers at Bronson Cancer Center (Sept. 2021)