Halloween Fun For Our Families

Nicole, Employee

I work in the Adult Medical Unit at Bronson Methodist Hospital. Our team is pretty close, and for the most part, we all know each other’s families pretty well too. Something fun we started during COVID was “Halloween Pumpkin Baskets”. At that time, a lot of people were choosing not to participate in normal trick-or-treating activities. So, one of our colleagues encouraged anyone from our unit who wanted to participate to bring a treat basket for their child or grandchild. Then, anyone who felt inclined to provide treats could do so! We left the baskets out until right before Halloween, at which point the parent would take home their child’s/grandchild’s basket. That first year, my little girl was blown away when I came home with a full pumpkin bucket of goodies for her! Everyone loved the activity so much that it has stuck!

You can see in the pictures below from this year (2022), some of the baskets are individualized based on age groups… Kylie is only one-year-old, so someone gave her a little bag of apple straws. A couple of the older kids got Halloween pens. So fun!

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