Am I Going to Lose My Toe?

Aaron Doroff, Patient

That was my biggest worry, my first question to the doctors. I was amazed at how quickly an injured toe had progressed to the point where that was even a question. “That’s not an option,” was the response from Dr. Caudill, general surgeon and medical director of the wound center at Bronson South Haven hospital. With gangrene that had set into the bone on my toe, I couldn’t help but worry. Still, the response from the doctor provided me with some hope.

After eight weeks of intense antibiotics, I started hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in the wound center at Bronson South Haven. Dr. Caudill told me that it would take a couple of weeks before I would see improvement and he was right on the mark. My wife and I began to see nice, new pink skin. Just like a baby. Once we turned the corner, it was amazing how quickly it began to heal. Miraculous, really.

I’m now to the point where it is almost completely healed. And, I have feeling in that toe. Before the hyperbaric treatment, I had absolutely no feeling in that toe. It was just like it was dead. Now it is very sensitive. I keep joking that my wife and the nurse can’t stop touching that toe just to get a reaction out of me.

Having a military background, I had heard of hyperbaric chambers. But, I had never heard of using them to heal wounds. That was a new one on me. It’s amazing to think that hyperbaric chambers have been around for over a century and now they’re able to use it for this. I’m so impressed with the outcome, it’s simply incredible. All I can say is, “wow”!

I know people who have lost a toe, a foot, even a leg. Sadly, that often leads to a downturn in health, even death. I fully believe that if we get on top of this wound healing and use this technology, we won’t be losing limbs. Imagine the cost savings if we can keep people from losing a toe or a limb. They’d just have a much healthier life in front of them.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the wound team at Bronson South Haven. They really know what they’re doing. Their confidence is well deserved. Whenever I felt a little unsure, they were so positive. They’re great care and calm manner really helped to build my self-confidence, that’s for sure.

Justin, the hyperbaric tech, was simply amazing. That young man is good! He is so knowledgeable about hyperbaric treatment and explained so much about what would happen, how it was helping to heal and what to expect.

I want to thank everyone at Bronson South Haven. They have all just been excellent. And, if anyone out there has a wound that isn’t healing, they need to contact the wound center. I think there are a lot of people who will be saving limbs thanks to this option.