Ally’s Amazing Recovery from Knee Surgery

Michelle Prokup, Ally's Mom, Family Member

At 5 years old she had her first of many seizures. In the following months her seizures were so bad she would end up in your ICU (which has a wonderful staff) on a ventilator.  She would seize for more than an hour. It was horrible!

In 2007 she had a focal point surgery at Detroit Children’s Hospital, to stop them but it didn’t work so they ended up removing her left hemisphere in early February 2008.  She spent weeks doing rehab as an inpatient. We were told she would have little use of her right arm, would not regain strength in her right leg and her coordination would always be an issue.  My girl has the use of everything!  And she can ride a bike even though we were told she wouldn’t!  

We joined Special Olympics in 2009. She played hockey, soccer, softball, basketball, swimming and track. She loves participating in sports so when the first physician we saw said he wouldn’t do surgery on her because he felt she couldn’t do the rehab we sought a second opinion.  Dr. Sytsma treated her like any other 16 year old girl. He asked her if she wanted to continue playing sports and when she said yes he said let’s do it!  She did an amazing job following surgery, started PT and was quickly back on her feet.  Although she wasn’t able to do all of the sports she likes this year she did do basketball and got a bronze medal! DR. SYTSMA (aka Dr. Hottie) ROCKS!!!  

Ally has hydrocephalus and has a shunt, epilepsy and moderate cognitive impairment. She’s walked a rough road along the way but always comes out a shining star   

We are so blessed that God picked us to raise this precious girl. Can’t begin to list the things she has taught me.