All of you are absolutely the VERY best of us, true inspirations & heroes

Rebekah Bowden , Other

With Coronavirus cases continuing to rise everywhere, this message is dedicated to all of the brave healthcare heroes, our front liners who are on a daily basis, putting their own lives at risk to save others. I want to say a million thank you’s for what you do every minute of every day. I can only imagine the sacrifices you have made and continue to make being away from your families, your devotion throughout this pandemic is just utterly amazing.  Your strength, selflessness, bravery & endurance are all absolutely and truly admirable. The heavy burdens you carry from seeing patients lose the battle against this wretched virus, your faith and spirit must be boundless. The tolerance you have towards the citizens who all refuse to take this pandemic, this crisis seriously, WOW… you all deserve medals for that alone. All of you are absolutely the VERY best of us, true inspirations & heroes. Though you are worn out, weary, exhausted, and at times just break down and cry, always remember this, that all of you are without a shadow of a doubt, WARRIORS. Although I feel as if it is just not enough to just say “thank you for your service”, for perhaps they ring like empty words to you by now because so many of us say it.  However, this Texan means them with every fiber of my being. I have always worn my mask from the beginning and washed my hands and social distanced (as best as possible). I only wish I could do more for you all, from surgeons to X-Ray techs, and everyone else in between (I have a friend who works as a nurse at a very large & well known hospital). All I can do though I send my positive vibes & thoughts, my prayers, air hugs, and love to every one of you. May this lift up all of your hearts & spirits, this goes for all first responders too. You are so very deeply appreciated by many. All of you stand as our shining light in the dark. I genuinely hope that this message has blessed you all.

A deeply grateful citizen