All of us are winners when we Speak Up for Safety

Jim McKernan, Employee

Today we recognize Eryn Glerum (Nuclear Medicine), Cheryl Knapp (Cardiac Rehab), Brenda Turpin (Cancer Care) and Sara Woodman (Neurological Services) for Speaking Up for Safety.

Recently, these four Bronson Battle Creek team members witnessed four separate near-miss incidents as employees were crossing the street. Each took the important step of reporting the incident to Security. The reports allowed our security team and one of our Battle Creek Police Department officers to review video and discover a timing issue with the crossing lights. Contact with the city followed and city engineers were dispatched and corrected the situation.

Thanks to Sara Woodman, Brenda Turpin, Cheryl Knapp and Eryn Glerum for being accountable and speaking up. All of us are winners when we Speak Up for Safety.

By the way, as shared by manager of safety and security Mike Lewis last week – the City of Battle Creek has also extended crossing time at the corner. If a pedestrian has pushed the button and is crossing with the signal, there is an added period of 5-seconds where vehicles on all four corners have a RED light. Crossing with the signal is always your safest choice!