All of them treated us like we were important and valued

Morris Brooks, Family Member

I took my daughter in this morning because our entire household tested positive for COVID-19 and she has stopped urinating regularly.

RN – Michaela

PA – Salmon

Dr. Lendzion

All three of them were very kind and acted as if they were pediatricians. I was so thrilled to have them see my daughter. Usually, Emergency rooms nurses or doctors don’t treat children like children. All of them treated my daughter and me like we were important and valued. I was pleased and impressed with their service, hospitality, care, and concern. I know we hear a lot of bad reports and bad news. I want to share this great experience with you.

I believe if every black/brown family received treatment and service like we did today there would be no more questions about any inequities in health care.

Thank you for all the work you do and please share this with whoever needs to hear it.

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