After shoulder replacement surgery, I feel fantastic!

Ann, Patient

Ann with Dr. Grant Bowman

For 18 years, I worked in the kitchen and then became a custodian at the school in Hastings. Both jobs involved lots of lifting. I started having shoulder pain and found out I needed to have joint replacement surgery on my right shoulder. My orthopedic physician in Hastings performed the surgery. Last year, I started experiencing the same type of pain – I could not get my arm in a comfortable place – so I knew it was time to have joint replacement surgery on my left shoulder.
I contacted my orthopedic surgeon and he started to make arrangements for my shoulder replacement surgery at a Grand Rapids hospital. However, the joint implant my doctor felt was best suited for my shoulder was not available at that hospital. Therefore, he referred me to Bronson Sports Medicine Specialists where I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Grant Bowman and his physician assistant, Danielle. At my appointment, Dr. Bowman knew immediately the best option was to have shoulder replacement surgery. I agreed and in November 2018, I had the surgery at Bronson Methodist Hospital. Although Bronson offers a shoulder joint replacement class for all patients, there was no need for me to attend since I already had shoulder replacement surgery so I knew what to expect. However, this past January I started physical therapy, with my last session at the end of March.
I cannot believe how good my shoulder feels. I think Dr. Bowman is fantastic! Both he and Danielle, are very knowledgeable and I always felt comfortable and at ease around them.
I am now back to working in my yard and spending my summers at camp, which I thoroughly enjoy.

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