After a year and a half of pain I didn’t think I would ever feel this good again; but after surgery, it feels like I never had a problem with my shoulders!

Maria Seybert, Patient

Maria Seybert is committed to staying fit. One day after completing a routine session with her personal trainer, she was suddenly sidelined. Maria lost all use of her shoulders.  Day-to-day activities became nearly impossible. “I had lost my independence,” says Maria. “I even had to have people help me put on my coat or carry things for me.”

Determined to regain her independence, Maria visited her Bronson family physician, Dr. James Hunt, of Bronson Family Medicine – Shaffer St. Maria recalled that as a teenager, she had both of her shoulders pinned due to chronic dislocation. But for years afterwards, she never experienced any pain.  Dr. Hunt determined she was now suffering from osteoarthritis. Maria worked with Dr. Hunt to determine what to do next. “I trusted my family physician, but I didn’t know what to expect”.  Dr. Hunt referred Maria to Bronson Sports Medicine Specialists. Dr. Grant Bowman determined Maria needed to have joint replacement surgery on both of her shoulders. “I was so impressed,” Maria says. “Trust came easily because everyone was so open and easy to work with.”


Scheduling and getting ready for surgery was easy thanks to the Bronson staff. “Dr. Bowman’s office did everything for me,” Maria says. “They made my appointments, confirmed all my paperwork, and were always available if I had questions.” Maria also appreciated having a Bronson MyChart account to keep track of everything from appointment dates, to test results, to insurance payments.

The day of surgery at Bronson Methodist Hospital was just as easy as the days leading up to it. “I was very impressed with everyone’s sense of professionalism yet friendliness. I didn’t feel like I was in a stuffy hospital.”

After regaining full use of her left shoulder, Maria had surgery on her right shoulder. “I waited 11 months between surgeries because I wanted to make sure I was completely healed and I had completed physical therapy.”

Only a few months after having her second shoulder replaced, everything was back to normal for Maria. “I wake up every morning without any pain. I am able to walk my dogs again and do my own housework,” says Maria. “I am a whole person again without any limitations. It puts a smile on my face.”

“Having surgery always sounded like such a big deal to me before I came to Bronson,” adds Maria. However, after the amazing support and outcomes, she recommends Dr. Bowman to anyone experiencing similar problems. “Research your options. You don’t have to live that way”.

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