Welcomed with smiles and assurance

Jami Walker, Family Member

Friday November 19th 2016, we brought our 3 year old daughter, Hayleigh, into the Emergency Department for stomach pain. From the start the staff never made us feel like we were just over protective parents, they listened and heard what we were saying and took amazing care of our daughter. They brought her a baby doll and coloring sheets to make her feel more comfortable and were very patient with her. They explained every procedure to us and made sure we understood as well. We were admitted that night to the Bronson Children’s Hospital, and were welcomed with smiles and assurance that they were going to take care of our daughter. Both nurses we had were AMAZING. I do not remember the night nurses name as I was exhausted, but our nurse the next day was Tela. Hayleigh LOVED her. She still talks about her and her dog she received and how she has to check her but give her no boo boos!! She made Hayleigh feel very comfortable with everything she needed to do with her. I appreciated everyone going to “extra step” to make sure we were taken care of and as informed as we could be with her health!

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