A star for Bronson Positivity

Joel, Bronson Employee

Vishal Maholtra,

One of the most positive, hard-working, and kind PCA’s/EDT’s I’ve ever worked with. Since day one of his hiring we’ve had a great experience working together. Once getting to know him and his background, what one sees is much deeper. He’s become a dear friend. What Vishal has overcome and how much he has put into the ER and his patients has its effects on all those around him. Whether it be jealousy, being proud of him, or just stoked for him on how well he is doing; he is one that I would consider a star for Bronson Positivity. His work ethic with patients and the nurses, his communication with the nurses and doctors and techs, his constant “keep on top” of his team and always helping others no matter what. I believe this young man deserves recognition for his perseverance, work ethic, kindness, and commitment to his co-workers, this company he loves and I love, and to the patients especially. He always is smiling when he can and always makes sure the patients are taken care of and always asking others if they need help, as well as a constant individual to learn and want to learn more for the better of all. I’ve been privileged such a good friend and co-worker.

Thank you Vishal for making me proud and always straying strong brother! Keep up your great work no matter what!

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