A scary ER trip seemed like a welcome visit with friends

Paula Sauer, Family Member

Yesterday I had to take my Father to the emergency room for tightness/pain in his chest after suffering a fall the day before. The entire staff we worked with from the ladies at the front desk to the nursing staff, the doctors, and even the phlebotomists who drew his blood were all very kind and patient with him. He was not wearing his hearing aids so their communication was slightly compromised but everyone took it in stride and never came across frustrated or dismissed him and turned to me for answers even though it would have been quicker. I would especially like to thank Kathy Vliestra, Ashley his nurse, PA Tim Carlisle, and Dr. Brindley. They were all top notch in their warm and caring bedside manner and their thoroughness in checking him out and making sure all necessary tests were performed. Kathy especially had my Dad laughing and made a scary ER trip seem like a welcome visit with friends. It means a lot to me to see my Father treated with so much care and respect.

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