A positive outcome for the patient thanks to Darlene’s intervention

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize customer service associate Darlene Green for being accountable, creative, patient-centered, and speaking up!

Darlene is well-known to most at BBC for her service as our greeter in the outpatient center.  She is a warm and friendly face to hundreds of visitors, staff, and volunteers each day.  Recently, Darlene noticed a volunteer who was struggling, and approached her to find out what was wrong.  The volunteer was being encouraged by others to go to the emergency department, but was resisting.  Darlene took matters into her own hands . . . called for a wheelchair, convinced the volunteer to seek help, and then delivered her to the ED.  A quick exam was followed by an emergency surgery, and a positive outcome for the patient thanks to Darlene’s intervention.

Thank you Darlene for the outstanding care you provide as a customer service associate each and every day.  And thanks to all across Bronson who use their talents to deliver exceptional care experiences.

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