A letter from a very happy grandma


My daughter was recently admitted to Bronson Methodist Hospital after her blood pressure was found to be above the safe limit for pregnancy. That is when we first met Sheryl.

Sheryl really stood out to us because she was kind, and you could immediately tell she enjoyed her job. During my daughter’s stay she received a steroid shot to promote the lung development of her soon-to-be baby girl. While there, an ultrasound revealed that the baby was about 4-5 pounds. Sheryl explained the importance of keeping her in utero and made my daughter feel hopeful that her baby was going to be all right. Because my daughter was doing well on bed rest, she was sent home and told to see the Obstetrician the next week for another blood pressure check.

My daughter returned to the OB office and her blood pressure was high again that Monday. We were sent to Bronson to be admitted again. Sheryl was off that day and was asked to come in to care my daughter. At that time, my daughter was about 35 weeks pregnant and obviously still suffering from preeclampsia. Her blood pressure was sometimes normal, sometimes high and other times it was borderline. Sheryl placed her on a monitor to measure contractions. Though she could not always feel her contractions, she was experiencing them. The baby would not always respond well to the contractions that my daughter could not feel. The baby’s heart rate would drop. Needless to say, we were rather frightened to see this happen on the monitor. Sheryl was the calming presence we needed. She spoke to us very calmly, very purposeful and with hope. She took my daughter by the hand and sat down beside her and talked about the situation we found ourselves in. Sheryl took the time to explain all of the possibilities that lay in front of us. We were told about the possibility of a C-section and all that it entailed. My daugher was heartbroken that she may not be able to have a vaginal birth.

Sheryl talked to Dr. Johnson and they agreed to try to soften my daughter’s cervix with Cervidil. Sheryl is such a great patient advocate. She knew what we needed to hear and had the mindfulness to keep her patient safe. Sheryl again took the time to educate my daughter about what exactly Cervidil is, how it is applied, and what to expect with this medication. She also kept asking if we had questions. Sheryl really listened to my daughter and was able to read her non-verbal cues. Sheryl sensed when she was frightened and never failed to soothe her. Sheryl never made her feel that she was a pest for asking so many questions, and having to be so closely monitored for blood pressures, blood sugar checks, toileting, and educating all of our family about what was occurring and what the next steps may be.

My daughter went on to have a C-section the next shift. The entire family felt they knew what to expect and how to handle the situation thanks to Sheryl. Sheryl was our light in a stormy place. We will always remember how she not only cared for my daughter and granddaughter, but our entire family. Thank you Sheryl so much for doing what you were meant to do!

Sincerely, a very happy grandma

Sheryl Meyers, BSN, RN, NRP, is a nurse on the medical intensive care unit (MICU) at Bronson Methodist Hospital. She is the recipient of the Q4 2019 DAISY Award. Learn more about the Award, or nominate another Bronson nurse who has gone above and beyond to ensure exceptional care for patients and families.  

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