A huge ‘Thank You’ to Bronson staff for saving my nephews life

Tonya Westra, Patient's Aunt

Just a couple of weeks ago my nephew went to Bronson Vicksburg, he was feeling very ill and was struggling to breathe. His oxygen level was very low and his white blood cell count was through the roof, so Bronson Vicksburg immediately sent him to BMH via ambulance. They didn’t stop to hesitate or question why a 19 year old might be struggling to breathe, they acted quickly and sent him to the ER. After getting to the ER, he was evaluated, they considered that he must have had some sort of respiratory issue, possibly pneumonia. He began to get much worse and within a couple of hours was in ICU, intubated and completely sedated. Had they not reacted so quickly he would have died in a matter of a couple short hours. His lungs were unable to function on their own and his heart rate had dropped significantly. BMH took a lung biopsy sample and were unable to identify the contagion right away. It was confusing and very difficult for the entire family, especially his parents. With now idea what made him sick, how long he would be sick or if he would survive the night. Bronson’s medical staff was incredibly attentive, helpful and kind. They catered to every need my nephew and our family had. After a few days my nephew was getting stronger and they were able to remove his breathing tube. They identified that he had a rare form of pneumonia that easily could have been deadly. In fact a similar case in Lansing with a young college girl was deadly just weeks prior. He is now at home, released from ICU to the AMU and then home. Everywhere he was cared for at/with Bronson was amazing. My sister-in-law (his mother), his father and my nephew himself raved about the care he received. The nurses were attentive and sweet, not a single bad attitude in the bunch. They responded to his needs quickly and did so with humor, grace and respect. I was so very pleased to hear such a GREAT report from my own family, it made me proud to work for Bronson. I was terrified of him having a poor experience because I wouldn’t know how to handle that from my end, but I had nothing to worry about because Bronson’s staff was phenomenal. My entire family has been telling everyone about how Bronson saved my nephews life and how wonderful their experience was. A huge Thank You to the entire Bronson staff for saving my nephews life. He is a wonderful young man, who works hard and is the most helpful young man you could ever meet.