A huge heart felt THANK YOU

Jes Rupel, Patient

I was a patient admitted April 2. I had a long stay being released on May 3. Everyone here went out of there way to make sure my needs were meet. If someone came in my room they knew they would be there for awhile because I am a talker and I had some wonderful conversations with staff that helped me heal my mind. One nurse, Tarisai, who is still in training, took the time to find out why I still had certain equipment on and in me that was bothering me and by the end of the day all of it was removed and I could rest comfortably. A housekeeper named Virginia took my clothes home twice to wash them and brought them back fold and smelling like home. And then there was Sharon. She spent many of nights trying to help me with my pain, checking on me often and taking the time to talk to me when I was distraught. Ann came to my rescue with that wonderful treat after that wild night got me really upset. All of them took the time to give me proper treatment and care. So a huge heart felt THANK YOU to everyone I encountered on the second floor; RN’s, PCA’s, “Housekeeping”, and “Room Service”. And one last thing, I will be working really hard to lose the 20 lbs I put on because the food is wonderful.