A great example of being patient-centered

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize Janet Young, Tamara Morse, Chayla Robles-Taylor, and John Fear for commitment to quality, outstanding creativity, and building trusting partnerships.

Recently, Jan, Tammy and Chayla came up with a unique tactic to increase donations at our Michigan Blood drive.  They designed and promoted a friendly ‘challenge’ between the teams in Emergency Department and our BBC BirthPlace.  It was fun, it was a great way to build and support ‘team’, it came with a food prize (thanks to John Fear), and it worked.  Best of all, the fun supported the patients and families who come to us for care – providing 70 units of blood that will save and improve lives.

Congratulations to Jan Young, Tammy Morse, Chayla Robles-Taylor and John Fear for a great example of being patient-centered.  And thanks to  staff across Bronson who focus every day on delivering exceptional care experiences for our patients and families.