Kathy was compassionate and thoughtful during a scary time

Anonymous, Employee

Kathy Smiarowski is a nurse on the general care unit at Bronson South Haven. Recently, we had a patient who was comfort care and COVID-19 positive. Because of COVID precautions, the patient was alone in their room often. One day, I noticed Kathy in this patient’s room. She was sitting with the patient and singing to them. In a scary situation, Kathy was compassionate and thoughtful to the patient’s needs.

Additionally, we received the following note from another former patient of Kathy:

My wife was lost and lonely in her room. Kathy popped in frequently. When my wife got up to walk, Kathy looked in to see if anything was wrong. When it was time to go home, she made it quick and simple. Such love in a stressful situation made it easier to cope with!