It was a very positive experience with the staff and physician

Michele Pulver, Patient

I have recently had multiple tests ordered and completed. All were pretty straight forward. June 29, I had my second colonoscopy procedure (first one 10 years ago). After my experience with the first one, I was not looking forward to the test at all nor the prep.

Once I was registered at Bronson Gastroenterology in Portage, the staff was extremely caring, and explained everything in detail, and answered all my questions. They had the doctor come in to talk with me prior to the procedure. The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me and never left my side until the procedure was over. The staff in the procedure room were so attentive and made sure I was completely comfortable and as relaxed as I could possibly be. The physician came in procedure room at 3:10pm. I heard her talk a few sentences, and I do not remember anything else until I woke up in recovery. Another staff member was with me in recovery and shared her story and experience, as she has the same thing I will have to deal with the remainder of my life. The physician came back in to speak with me and explained in great detail what has happened and answered all my questions. I dressed and was able to leave.

Although my future is uncertain with how all this is going to pan out, I am blessed to know there were no masses or anything troubling to remove. I am overwhelmed at what I am dealing with, but all that aside, I do have to say it was a very positive experience with the staff and physician, and would recommend anyone else needing this procedure to choose the Bronson Gastroenterology for any colonoscopy procedures.

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