It’s awesome he has something new and different

Phillip DeZwarte, dad of Bronson Children’s Hospital patient

Braxtyn was 7 when he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, which means his bone marrow stopped producing blood cells. Because of that, he is constantly in need of transfusions. He is not able to go to school or be involved with other kids. It really is life altering.

He gets transfusions at the Bronson Children’s Hospital Pediatric Hematology/Oncology clinic at least one time a week. Our experience there has been awesome.  We love the staff. They all know us and we have become like friends.

Recently the child life specialist asked Braxtyn if he wanted to try virtual reality goggles while he was getting a transfusion. He was pretty timid at first, but we told him what he’d be able to see. Before he got sick, we went to zoos and aquariums all the time. So when he found out he could see those things with the goggles, he decided to try it.  Once he saw that he could virtually go underwater or to a safari, and it looked like real life, he really liked it.

The goggles really are a good distraction for him. When he’s hooked up for a transfusion he’s limited in what he can do and he gets bored. It’s awesome that he has something new and different.

We certainly appreciate everything the team at the clinic does and that there are things to do for kids who have to go in for treatment so often. It makes a big difference.

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