It’s a testament to the resilience of children and families

Jennifer Armstrong, Bronson Battle Creek Child Life Specialist

Eight-year old Hazel’s mom, Kandace, reached out to me and said her daughter had an experience in the hospital when she was just one year old. She still has the teddy bear she was given during that visit and a scar she will have for a lifetime. The family now lives in Battle Creek, and Hazel wanted to do something special for children who might have to visit Bronson Battle Creek over the holidays. Hazel and her family held a toy drive and delivered the toys just a few days before Christmas.

I think it’s amazing and is really a testament to the resilience of children and families who go through a hospital experience. She used her experience to grow and to participate as a member of the community. The toys will help normalize the environment for our young patients  who visit our emergency department or outpatient surgery. They will help decrease their anxiety. Play is the primary language of children. It helps them process, understand and reveal misconceptions. Having toys, stuffed animals and puzzles will make it less scary and the families will be able to cope better with the experience.

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