Bronson Positivity rubs off on the patients too!

Heather Foulke, CNM, Employee

My experience as a midwife here at Bronson has been fantastic. One of my goals has been to care for women who were local to the neighborhood where I live, which is what brought me to this job. My favorite aspect of midwifery care is the education component – being there to answer questions for women who seek care with us, and being able to offer them knowledge and educate them on their bodies.

The staff members at Bronson Women’s Service are wonderful. Bronson Positivity is exactly as they say. Everyone I’ve encountered always has a smile on their face and they are approachable. I think that positivity rubs off on the patients, too!

I recently welcomed my third child and received care throughout my pregnancy at Bronson Women’s Service. This was the first time I had been pregnant since becoming a midwife and it definitely was a different perspective being a midwife and going through birth with that knowledge and background. It made me more empathetic toward the changes that women are going through, especially in the postpartum period.

As a patient here, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else or wanted to be anywhere else. Having given birth twice before at a different facility, I can say my experience at Bronson was amazing. From the nursing staff and the midwives, to the medical staff and assistants in the office, I felt like I was very well taken care of.