Grateful for the excellent care and the tremendous outcome

Jim Bertolina, Patient

In the spring of 2009 I began experiencing pain in my right hand. It got so bad that I could barely function and it was interfering with all aspects of my life. I ended up getting an MRI done and brought my results to Dr. Fabi. I had gotten to know Dr. Fabi through my work at Stryker and I greatly respected his level of skill and I really trusted him. He showed me that the problem was in my neck and explained that I was going to need surgery.

Dr. Fabi scheduled me the following week for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery, a procedure to remove herniated or degenerative discs and to stabilize my neck. I have a sister in law who is a physician at Stanford who suggested that I come out to Stanford for the procedure. I was grateful for the option but explained to her that I have watched hundreds of neuro procedures throughout the world and Dr. Fabi is one of the best surgeons I have seen. I was grateful to be able to stay at home and still receive world class care!

I went in with high hopes and was not disappointed. Dr. Fabi did a tremendous job and I was going on short walks a few days after the procedure which became long walks within a couple of weeks afterwards and I have never looked back! In addition to being very happy with Dr. Fabi’s work, I was also impressed with the Bronson staff who worked with me. From the time that I checked in until the time that I left, every person who interacted with me treated me with professionalism, compassion, and care. Afterwards, I commented to my wife that I was really impressed with the staff and that everyone seemed to genuinely care about me.

I am grateful for the excellent care I received and the tremendous outcome. I am functioning at 100% and have been since shortly after the procedure. It has been a small miracle for me and I would recommend Dr. Fabi and Bronson to anyone who is considering them as an option.