Today we recognize neurodiagnostic technologist Wanda Rabbers

Jim McKernana, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize neurodiagnostic technologist Wanda Rabbers for being accountable, and for her commitment to delivering exceptional care experiences.

Recently, Wanda was conducting an EEG and recognized that the teen-aged patient had a seizure during the procedure.  A quick call led to a physician review and confirmation that the patient had, in fact, experienced a seizure.  Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Kellie Sweet said Wanda’s catch demonstrated her strong clinical skills and her attention to detail. In follow-up, Wanda went a step further by advocating for the patient and assuring that the seizure was included in the EEG report.

Thanks to Wanda for her personal accountability and commitment to patient care.  And thanks to staff across Bronson who perform at the highest level each and every day to assure that our patients receive the very best quality, safety and service.