3.5 years later and she has no issues and barely any scars

Scott Wynn, Family Member

My mother had a fall and hurt her back and I took her to the ER in battle creek when there waiting on a CT scan she started having a small heart attack that started getting progressively worse, so they decided to send her to Bronson.
Almost immediately they stabilized her then Dr. Rogers had come to do a heart cath. And then go with whatever needed to be done. He found that almost every was blocked. They called Dr. DeLucia in to see what could be done. With almost no hesitation he explained it would take longer then normal but quadruple bypass was needed.
From the second I met both of these doctors they were fantastic in every way. Both of them have a confidence to them that almost seems like they know they won’t fail, not some thing I see in a lot of doctors today.
3.5 months later she has had no issues and barley any scars but a small one on her arm. She was told she’s all clear on dr. Rogers end he only sees her once a year.
Since this I’ve recommend both of these 2 to a very close family friend and so far he says he loves Dr. Rogers as well 🙂