Overrall I have the best doctor.

Tameka, Patient

I had surgery Monday 2014 I left Tuesday afternoon I wound up having to come back I was a little upset about this but overrall I have the best Doctor. Dr. Norman from WMU is truly apart of GOD’S angels and wouldnt change it for the world the staff that’s been taking care of me on the second floor inpatient surgery are truly down to earth great bed side manners I can say for my self that I have never had any rude experiences at Bronson and that they do good at hand picking their staff to deal with the patients at such a vunderable time. Thanks alot Disha, Brenda, Jill, Taylor, Summer, Cat, and Deb sorry I cant name everyone that help take care of me but theres a lil shout out I know you always hear the negatitve never the posititve.