Thank you for saving my husband’s life!

Ami Pishlo, Patient

On June 30th 2013, I took my husband to the E.R. because of a large blister that formed on his leg and broke open leaving a huge wound. My husband is already a leg amputee so we worry about keeping his other leg healthy. We got back into a E.R. room after an hour or so of waiting, not to bad in a big hospital. The nurses came and went, all being very polite. A while later a physician came in, he was very nice and listened to all of my husband’s issues. We decided to throw all of my husband’s health problems at them and see what they wanted to deal with. My husband had been losing a lot of weight, muscle strength and stomach issues for about 3 to 4 months ago. He had been basically wasting away before my very eyes. The doctor looked at his leg and said it wasn’t infected, good news. Then he left the room, we thought ok he’s done, now they’ll just say ok no infection go home. But, NO. We were surprised that an EKG and chest x-ray was ordered. Then after a while the doctor came back and said my husband was in A Flutter/Fib and probably had been for a while. He asked us if we wanted him to call the hospital doctor to see if my husband could get admitted to Cardio, because his wound wasn’t enough get him admitted but the heart and the other items might, we said yes. So, on July 1 at 5:00 in the morning my husband got admitted to Bronson and our lives started to change! All thanks to a E.R. doctor that decided to that extra step!

My husband had a simple procedure to “reset” his heart. Then after spending 9 days in the hospital with wonderful, caring nurses he is home now finally feeling healthy again. He is eating, slowing getting his strength back and is no longer having stomach problems. All due, we believe, to a doctor caring enough to go that extra step! Thank you for saving my husbands life!