It lets them know someone else is thinking about them and loves them

Cassandra Collins, mom of pediatric patient

As a 15-year old, Teanna Powell of Benton Harbor has a lot of sporting activities she’d like to take part in. But with sickle cell disease, she has to make sure she’s not overexerting herself. “She’s in the color guard,” says Teanna’s mom, Cassandra Collins, “but even that is a lot on her.”  Thankfully, her need for hospital stays have lessened as she’s gotten older.”

As a patient at Bronson Children’s Hospital Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic, Teanna received a Comfort Care bag, designed specifically for patients with sickle cell disease. It includes a blanket, coloring book, heating pads, art supplies and a book which helps her to understand what’s going on related to what she’s experiencing medically.

The bags are funded by the generosity of donors to Bronson Health Foundation. “I really appreciate that the bags are available to kids,” says Cassandra. “It lets them know that someone else is thinking about them and loves them. And as parents, it makes it easier knowing that other people are caring and wanting our kids to be successful.”

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