10 Star Knee Replacement!

Alan Hawkins, Patient


I wish to thank Bronson Hospital Kalamazoo, Dr. Roehr and his staff, all departments and their personnel that cared for me during my first knee replacement. To ALL of you I give 10 stars!

As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, your sincere regard for my beliefs of non-use of blood is very much appreciated. It gave me comfort knowing that while under anesthesia you would honor my wishes. Also, your step-by-step texting with my wife during surgery brought her much comfort (excellent use of technology). Each staff member was encouraging and upbeat. I could tell they were truly caring for me as a person and that I was not just a number on a long list of patients they had to care for.

Since I live in Indiana, through phone calls and MyChart the staff has made me feel secure and has taken away the fear I might have had since being far away during my recovery. Many hospitals try to shine with their glittering buildings. You, though, shine from within. Your advanced technology and rehab procedures, along with the caring staff, truly make all of you shine! I was told that if I followed pre and post surgery instructions I would be back soon for my second knee replacement. I can see that happening.

Thanks so much for the skilled and sincere care I received. I will shop there again! 🙂 Soon!

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